Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Overheard: Oprah and Sharon Stone

Oprah Winfrey: …I remember when you got married, you said you really didn't want to be married or didn't want to get married.

Sharon Stone: Well, you know, I'm kind of a hippie.

Winfrey: Yeah.

Stone: So I never was into that whole like government gets your like...

Winfrey: Yeah.

Stone: ...`Hello, government, I'm signing up for this with this person and aren't you glad?'

Winfrey: Yeah. Yeah.

Stone: It wasn't my--I never got that as the--that makes you committed to a person.

Winfrey: Then why did you do it?

Stone: I think you're committed in your heart.

Winfrey: I think you either are or not.

Stone: Right.

Winfrey: Yes.

Stone: I mean...

Winfrey: And no piece of paper can...

Stone: And I know you're into that with Stedman.

Winfrey: Yes!

Stone: It's like you're...

Winfrey: You're talking to the choir leader. Yeah.

Stone: They're either--it's either you commit to that person innately...

Winfrey: Yes.

Stone: ...or you don't.

Winfrey: And no piece of paper can make it otherwise.

Stone: Right.

Winfrey: Yeah.

-- The Oprah Winfrey Show, Harpo Productions,
broadcast May 27, 2004.


Blogger george_sand said...

This is great. I wish Oprah would do a show about unmarried couples. She should be leading this choir.

9:19 PM  

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