Wednesday, May 04, 2005

News: Marriage and The Case of Terry Schiavo

Terry Schiavo's case has pointed out to married folks what many unmarried couples are already knew. While doctors tend to honor the wishes of the next of kin, in this case husband Michael Schiavo, this was not the case this time when Ms. Schaivo's parents contested that right. Couples, regardless of their legal status, need to be more vigilent when it comes to health care decisions and the law. which people have the power to make health care decisions for them.

In the wake of the Schiavo controversy, thousands have signed living wills, but in many states this document is insufficient and wouldn't have prevented the Schiavo conflict. It's the often overlooked establishment of power of attorney for health care matters which establishes a clear decision maker. Many married couples that is a critical and often overlooked step, particularly for married couples who might assume these decisions would be left up to their spouse. FindLaw and Nolo offer excellent information about drawing up these documents.


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